IT Consultant

We are looking for qualified candidates to join us in our efforts to support our existing customer base.   In the past, we have hired students with great success.  These positions are particularly advantageous for students because the job responsibilities can generally be scheduled around your classroom hours and provide real world experience in the networking and computer support field.

The job includes installation, customization and maintenance of system level software; workstation installs; troubleshooting and resolving end-user problems; maintenance and tailoring of AWS cloud based systems; network device customization and possibly programming both client and web based solutions.  In fact, you can get involved in almost any situation you can name that might occur in a corporate Microsoft LAN based system.  A few of the products with which you will have direct, job-related responsibilities are Microsoft Windows 2012/2016, Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft IIS, Dell Sonicwall firewalls, Cisco switches, Polycom and Zultys VOIP telephone systems, Amazon AWS and other web based products and solutions.

We are less interested in your current knowledge of the products listed previously than we are of your initiative and work attitude.  We expect our employees to be self-motivated and be able to research, read, and learn as needed.  Frankly, we want someone who thinks this work is fun and is excited about learning.

Our customer base is used to working with students and is very supportive of your efforts to earn a degree.   

Current client responsibilities are in Arlington, Hurst-Euless-Bedford area.


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